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Are you a salesperson looking to increase your skill set and effectiveness through independent training and development? Discover how Accelerator can help you.

Sales Accelerator is an on-demand virtual training program for salespeople developed by Anthony Iannarino.
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What is sales accelerator?

Sales Accelerator is an extensive collection of virtual training courses on B2B sales. This program is a learning-management system for sales professionals seeking to sharpen their skills and increase their sales effectiveness.

As a renowned sales leader, author, and speaker, Anthony Iannarino provides access to a lifetime of sales wisdom to continually sharpen skills and boost confidence. It’s like having one of the world’s greatest sales mentors as your co-pilot for every sales call!

If your company doesn't offer training, or you simply want to complement their tools with your own independent learning, you are sure to find value in Sales Accelerator!

Over 30 hours of training

Whether you’re new to selling and want to tackle the fundamentals or you are a seasoned professional looking for advanced selling techniques, we have training courses for all skill levels. Find exactly what you want to improve on with spot training, or follow our guided learning paths for a more complete approach.

Designed for Individual Learners

We have the platform built to improve your sales results! Let Anthony guide you through the core concepts or simply pick what interests you. This coursework covers all levels of learning. Advanced reporting, certifications, and leaderboards let you track your performance and stay engaged!


Unlimited Access from Any Device

Learn what you want, when you want, from any device. Our coursework is available 24/7 while you are enrolled, so you can learn at your own pace. The easy-to-use-interface is available on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Quizes, Scripts & Workbooks

Knowledge absorption and adoption have higher chances of success when the concepts, language, processes and frameworks can be engaged with on a physical level. For this reason we’ve created an entire vault of the best scripts, guides, and workbooks to accompany the interactive courseware.


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  • Downloadable workbooks & guides
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