Sales Accelerator is an on-demand virtual training program for salespeople developed by Anthony Iannarino.

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Enable your team with the mindset, skill sets, strategies, and tactics to win sales now!

Sales Accelerator is the most modern, most complete, training and development platform for B2B Sales Teams delivered by Anthony Iannarino. Help yourself and your team turn in your best performance ever.


What is Sales Accelerator?

Accelerator is an integrated program with learning paths designed to provide training and development to the sales force and sales leaders simultaneously. The approach improves mindset, skill sets, and builds a culture of accountability. With over 30 hours of lessons, workbooks, and quizzes, your team can learn Anthony Iannarino's best concepts and tactics to elevate their results and win more deals.

Don't Want to Read? Watch these Videos.

For the simplest introduction to Accelerator, watch the videos below to learn why we created this platform to foster transformational change of your sales organization.

For Salespeople

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Sales Accelerator for Teams is designed to develop the sales force’s mindset and beliefs. You'll find a full array of courses designed to enable an indomitable, competitive, and disciplined mindset.

Skill sets
Sales Accelerator for Teams also provides a full curriculum of the skills necessary to compete and win in modern B2B sales. These are modern skills that are not commonly taught or developed, like Compelling Change, Creating Differentiated Value, and Building Consensus.
Language Choices
This program includes sixteen courses in a section called COACH that covers the conversations salespeople have with their prospects and clients; from challenges, to objections, to controlling the process (another necessary competency no one teaches, trains, or develops). If you want your team to be able to effectively handle challenging conversations, COACH provides the talk tracks and the confidence to engage and succeed.

For Sales Managers

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Sales Accelerator for Teams provides the foundational development for sales managers and leaders by providing a proven, battle-tested operating cadence that creates accountability and better sales results. CADENCE is how you stand up a high performance sales organization.
Manager Skills
The fundamentals and advanced management courses provide a framework to fill out the day-to-day work of leading a high performance sales team, including Hiring, Establishing a Hunter Culture, Managing Territories, and Creating Peers and Trusted Advisors.
52 Weeks of Sales Meetings
It can be difficult to find time to build the content for effective sales meetings. We have eliminated that as a barrier to team meetings by providing 52 full weeks of sales meetings, all of which reinforce the content in the courses, ensuring accountability—and giving managers back their time.

... and much more!

Why do we train?

Let us save you some time. Honestly, there's only one reason to read anything on this page, and it's this: You want to invest in the professional and personal development of your team and you are willing to invest the resources to achieve that goal.

If that’s not you, you can bounce off the page now. No hard feelings.

Transformational NOT Transactional

Training is often mistaken for a one-time event. Training becomes an item on a checklist that someone checks off as completed. The problem with this approach is that it is transactional, and it doesn’t lead to the transformational change that precedes better sales results. In the long run, very little will change, and because people are creatures of habit, they go back to what they are comfortable with, even when it doesn’t produce the result they need.

We look at transformation through the two concepts of training and development. When we train, we are providing new beliefs, new skills, and new tools, all of which are necessary. Development is the application of these new beliefs, skills, and tools to create new outcomes.

Fostering a Cultural Change

Development requires consistent expectations, coaching, and discussion. It requires a cultural change where all participants are required to work on their growth and development, led by their sales managers and leaders.

Sales Accelerator delivers the results in micro-learning modules that foster learning across your entire team, providing a common set of concepts and language that provide methodologies that all participants can follow.

This kind of development creates a sales team-wide foundation to which sales leaders and salespeople all play from the same playbook.

More importantly, teams are able to create more new opportunities, close deals faster, and create pipeline projections with improved accuracy.

Training by itself is important, but if you want sustainable results, both training and development are required.

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Course Curriculum

In a few hours each week, you can train, coach, and develop your entire sales team. You can gain access to the content, methodologies, and processes to make transformational change. The investment is something any company can easily afford.

Below is our comprehensive curriculum outline with over 30 hours of courses — and new content added regularly!

For Salespeople


There is nothing more important than the right mindset when it comes to selling and sustainable results. Salespeople perform better when they develop the necessary attributes that make it easy for people to want to buy from them. In these courses, the sales force will learn:
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Self Discipline 9 videos
How to keep the commitments they make to themselves and to their prospective clients. They’ll also build the habits that will provide a foundation for lifelong success.
Optimism 8 videos
The Optimism course is designed to make your salespeople immune from rejection, optimistic about winning, and steeled to persist until they win.
Caring (Other-Orientation) 5 videos
Self-oriented salespeople repel prospects. Caring provides an actionable set of mindset shifts to ensure salespeople are other-oriented.
Competitiveness 7 videos
No one talks about being competitive anymore, even though our environment is now more competitive. The work the sales force does here will ignite their competitive spirit.
Resourcefulness 6 videos
Much of what we do in sales requires creativity. We are either solving sales problems or helping clients with their seemingly intractable problems. Resourcefulness is the linchpin attribute.
Initiative 8 videos
The difference between salespeople and sales organizations often comes down to initiative. Being proactive always creates a competitive advantage, and it pulls results forward in time—for you and your clients.
Persistence 2 videos
Winning in B2B sales requires the ability to persist long enough to create or win an opportunity. The coursework here will prevent giving up and teach a willingness to persist.
Communication 7 videos
Communication is more than good skills standing up in a board room. It’s about listening, connecting, and creating a preference to work with you and your company.
Accountability 4 videos
Your dream clients expect the salespeople to deliver the outcomes they sold them. This course helps the salesperson understand why accountability is important and how to be accountable for results.
Influence 2 videos
Being a person of influence starts with the development of these attributes. The influence course pulls all the attributes together as a capstone for this section.

Skill Set Fundamentals

What separates the masters from the amateurs is their proficiency and command of the fundamentals. The ability to apply the fundamentals is what allows you to create and win deals. The time spent mastering the fundamentals is the foundation of your success in sales, and it will prevent you from losing deals you might have won.
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The Model Sales Week 9 videos
In The Model Sales Week, you’ll create a weekly plan to win major accounts by blocking time for your most important tasks each week – including your own personal development.
How to Make Your Quota 4 videos
Most salespeople don’t have a plan to reach their quota. After this course, you will know your numbers and have a plan to reach your goals.
Philosophy of Selling 9 videos
It very much matters what salespeople believe about sales. This course provides a set of dictates necessary for a consultative approach to sales.
Understanding the Sales Process 9 videos
The sales process provides structure to deal pursuit by ensuring certain outcomes are obtained. The general process provided here supports an understanding of the value of the sales process and can be used to support adherence to yours.
The Buying Cycle 5 videos
Describes each stage of the buyer’s process and how to best create value for the client great enough to move them forward towards buying from the salesperson.

Above the Funnel

One of the largest challenges for every sales organization is creating new opportunities. The work you do above the funnel is too important to leave to chance—or marketing alone. These courses will help you develop a list of dream clients and capture mindshare by nurturing relationships over time. After that, it's only a matter of time and persistence before you create new opportunities with major accounts.
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Strategic Targets 4 videos
A strategic target is a prospect for whom you can create massive value. In B2B sales, you need to do more than just call on leads if you want to win big deals. This course maps out how to identify and nurture your most important prospects.
Nurturing Dream Clients 6 videos
The pursuit of major accounts requires a professional pursuit plan built on nurturing the relationships and preparing the ground for a conversation about why they should change.


No deal is ever closed that wasn’t first opened. The critical first step in winning opportunities is creating them. The prospecting tracks are designed to help you build a prospecting approach that works—i.e., a hunter culture.
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Commitment Gaining 6 videos
Because the commitment for time is one of the most difficult, this course on gaining commitments starts the prospecting block.
Cold Calling 6 videos
There is still nothing faster or more effective in obtaining new appointments than a phone call. Your sales force can’t afford not to be able to use cold outreach as an approach to prospecting.
How to Prospect 7 videos
Follow these rules to always be opportunity rich and never opportunity starved. Here you’ll learn about targeting, research, methods & cadence, and why you need to use a script.


Discovery once meant learning about all the ways your dream client was already dissatisfied. While that approach is still useful, modern discovery means helping compel your prospective client to change before they suffer the negative consequences of waiting too long to change.
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How to Plan a Sales Call 4 videos
The gift of the client’s time is too important to waste. When you know how to plan for a sales call, you are better prepared to create enough value to have earned the right to ask for the next meeting.
Discovery 6 videos
Deals are won and lost in the discovery and diagnosis stage of the sales conversation. It’s critical the sales force know how to do good, modern discovery.
Power Questions by Buying Cycle 8 videos
How do you approach a client that doesn’t know they’re dissatisfied? When should you compel your prospect to take action? This course provides sample language that you can use to generate greater value for your dream clients wherever they are in their buying cycle.


The courses in the presentation tracks provide a foundation for differentiating the salesperson and your offering. It also provides a proven methodology for presenting and providing a proposal that helps convert prospects into clients.
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Differentiating Yourself 7 videos
Your prospective client needs to know how you are different, why you do things differently, and how it benefits them. The course work enables this outcome and creates a competitive advantage.
Presentation Skills 8 videos
A good presentation is a dialogue and not a monologue. In this course, you’ll learn why you need to be other-oriented and how to tailor each sales call to the conversation that your client needs to have now.
How to Propose and Present 7 videos
Learn how to become a trusted advisor by understanding your prospective client’s current state and providing valuable insights that will help them reach their ideal future state.
Providing Proof 4 videos
How does your client know you’re a value creator and not a time waster? This course will teach you how and when to provide concrete proof that you can deliver on your promises.


Most salespeople don’t negotiate. Instead, they provide their prospective clients with price concessions, without getting anything in trade. This practical, tactical course will provide a framework for protecting the margins you need to deliver the better results your clients need.
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Negotiation Skills 7 videos
This is a critical skill to preventing the prospective client from underinvesting and levels the playing field for salespeople when they are asked to discount their solution.
A Modern Course on Closing 11 videos
Trust is the currency we trade. In this course, you’ll learn how to control the sales process with commitment gaining, and to close deals using natural language – without any tricks or tie downs. This course is based on the book The Lost Art of Closing.

Advanced Selling

The changes in sales over the last decade have been greater than any changes over the prior thirty years. Much of what is taught, trained, and developed is inadequate to today’s sales challenges. The advanced selling courses provides strategies, tactics, and answers to today’s sales challenges.
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Business Acumen 6 videos
Business acumen is the core of value creation in modern B2B selling. The course here provides practical and tactical ways to develop the business acumen necessary to provide advice.
Change Management 8 videos
We live in an age where most leaders want consensus before making a change, major or sometimes minor. It is critical the sales force knows how to manage change.
Leadership 5 videos
Salespeople are required to lead their clients and their own teams in producing better results. This course covers the practical application of leadership skills necessary to sell effectively.
Executive Presence 4 videos
The content in this course prepares the sales force to act as peers and trusted advisors by developing an executive presence.
Level 4 Value Creation: Fundamentals 5 videos
Provides a deep understanding of the four levels of value, as well as how to enter the sales conversation from strategic outcomes, compelling a conversation about exploring change.
Level 4 Value Creation: Execution 9 videos
There are seven categories of execution in Level 4 Value. The content in this course provides guidance non executing L4VC.
Building Consensus 6 videos
Defines the attributes that provide guidance and strategies for building consensus in the stakeholders who are going to be impacted by a decision to change.
Team Sales Calls 4 videos
More and more, there are sales teams making calls together. The course work here prepares the team to work together in an effective manner in front of the client.
Gatekeeper Strategies 7 videos
Covers the five primary strategies for dealing with gatekeepers-or finding a way around them.
How to be Other-Oriented 9 videos
Builds on the mindset segment of Caring with practical, tactical approaches to being other-oriented.
Quarterly Business Reviews 8 videos
Provides a strategic approach to running effective QBRs that result in new opportunities and client retention.
Account Management Strategies 5 videos
This course is for salespeople who have account management responsibilities and Account Managers. It provides a structured method for obtaining the outcomes necessary for good account management.


Because so many salespeople work away from an office, not many are exposed to the best language choices for critical client conversations. The programs in COACH provide the exact language for all the objections, concerns, challenges, and difficult conversations necessary to win new deals.
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Commitment for Time 14 videos
Language choices and strategies for gaining the commitment for time.
Prospecting - Voicemail 6 videos
Language choices and strategies for effective voicemail messages.
Challenges 4 videos
How to deal with client challenges using effective language to gain control.
Qualification & Disqualification 3 videos
Strategies and language for qualifying and disqualifying prospects.
Sales Calls 7 videos
Language choices for the fundamental, everyday sales calls.
Post Sales Calls 4 videos
Strategies and language for post call communication with prospective clients.
Opening & Closing Meetings 10 videos
The most effective strategies and language for opening and closing meetings, including the conversations in The Lost Art of Closing.
Moving Deals - The Sales Process 11 videos
Language to help move deals through the stages of the sales process.
Stalled Deals - When Clients Go Dark 6 videos
You never want to allow a client to go dark, but then they do, the language here can help you recover.
Price Objections 9 videos
You are going to get price objections. The sales force will be prepared to effectively dispatch them with the language here.
Negotiation 2 videos
There are a core number of approaches here with language to provide an effective strategy for negotiating deals.
Client Communication 9 videos
From operation problems to owning outcomes, find language for communicating with clients.
Lost Deals 3 videos
A number of strategies with language for conversations after losing a deal—and working to win it in the future.
Mindset 2 videos
Sometimes the salesperson needs to have a conversation with negative peers. The strategies and language here allow them to prevent being infected with negativity.

For Sales Managers


Every sales force must have a sales process. Cadence provides a process for standing up, leading, and managing a high-performing sales organization. If you want an operational cadence, a culture of accountability, and a commitment to coaching, Cadence will provide that and more.
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Coaching Overview 6 videos
The course provides an overview of why we coach, the benefits to the salesperson, and how to make time to coach.
Coaching Approaches 7 videos
Always be coaching. In this course we’ll take a look at the scheduled and impromptu coaching opportunities you have each week and break down some sample language that you can use to transform your team’s results.
Coaching Territories & Accounts 7 videos
Are your resources deployed in the most efficient way? Are there any gaps in your territory left uncovered? Learn to maximize new opportunities with new and existing clients by coaching territories and accounts.
Coaching Pipelines 7 videos
Always be opportunity rich and never opportunity starved. In this course you’ll learn how to know if your pipeline is broken, what to do if it is, and how to ensure you always have enough new opportunities.
Coaching Opportunities 7 videos
Most sales managers are good at coaching opportunities, and this course will give them new choices and greater focus.
Coaching Sales Calls 7 videos
Deals are won and lost in sales calls. When a call is with a high value, high visibility, must win client, coaching improves your odds of success.
Coaching Time Management 6 videos
Too many salespeople (and too many sales managers) waste time, even though time is our single finite, non-renewable resource. Ensure you achieve your most important, strategic goals by learning how to coach time management.
Coaching Performance 6 videos
You can’t see your own blind spots, and neither can your salespeople. Coaching performance ensures that every segment of your sales force, from the top 20% to the bottom 20%, turns in their very best results.
Coaching A-Players 6 videos
A-Players are often neglected when it comes to development. These coaching strategies respect their abilities while helping them reach their full potential.
Coaching B-Players 5 videos
B-Players, when coached well, are capable of improving their overall results and moving the numbers. This course provides guidance on improving the 60% in the middle.
Coaching C-Players 5 videos
Even though they are the most difficult to coach, you have to provide them with a fair shot to succeed. This plan will give you the best shot at succeeding to move C-Players up a notch.
Putting Everyone On a Plan 6 videos
Every salesperson should be working on getting better. Without assessing them, you neglect to give them what they need.

Fundamentals of Sales Management

The best sales managers worked under a great sales manager. They also learned a lot of lessons the hard way. The Fundamentals of Sales Management prevents mistakes and improves your leadership and management skills.
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How to Hire Champions 2 videos
Starting with good hires speeds your results and begins the process of building a high performance sales organization. This course is a practical way to select candidates.
Interview Questions 16 videos

These interview questions will help you determine whether a potential candidate is going to sell effectively once hired.

Establishing a Hunter Culture 9 videos
Many sales organizations fail because they create too few opportunities. This course and the strategies within will begin to turn that around.
Designing & Managing Territories 7 videos
This course outlines the choices of territory design, and gives guidance about how to decide which one might be the best choice.

52 Weeks of Sales Meetings

Sales managers complain that they don’t have time to plan effective sales meetings. Not to worry! We have built their weekly meetings for them. This is where we reinforce the Sales Accelerator training and ensure that new beliefs are being socialized, new actions taken, and new results generated.
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Weeks 1-13 13 videos
  1. Reviewing Your Pipeline For Missing Commitments
  2. Becoming a 52% SME
  3. Quota Workshop
  4. Establishing Weekly and Monthly Disciplines
  5. Developing a Team Mindset
  6. How We Win. How We Lose.
  7. Solving Sales Challenges
  8. Pursuit Plans
  9. Establishing Quarterly Goals & Initiatives
  10. Start of Year Kickoff
  11. Self Assesment on the 9 Mindset Attributes
  12. ... and more
Weeks 14-26 13 videos
  1. Identifying Your Dream Clients
  2. Developing Content for Your Nurture Campaign
  3. Making an Effective Cold Call
  4. Top 3 Objections to a Meeting
  5. Developing a Prospect List and Planning Research
  6. Weekly Planning Meeting
  7. Establishing Communication Procedures and Practices
  8. Operational Execution Problems
  9. ... and more

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Bonus Content

Video Kickoff Meeting

Your team will be invited to a private video kickoff meeting where your team will receive an hour of live coaching and Q&A with Anthony Iannarino.

Closing Simulator

This course takes the concept of commitment gaining and makes it real. We simulate a real sales scenario – from target to close – so you can have the experience of making good choices before you're sitting in front of your next prospective client.

Video Training for Books

As part of the Sales Accelerator for Teams program, you will have access to the videos that accompany Anthony's books: The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, The Lost Art of Closing, and Eat Their Lunch. These videos expand on each book's core concepts.
Your Trainer & Coach:

Anthony Iannarino

Accelerator for Teams is developed and run by renowned writer, author, speaker, and thought leader, Anthony Iannarino.

There are hundreds of people who have contributed something meaningful to our understanding of professional B2B sales, but few have contributed as much over the last decade. Anthony has dedicated close to three decades to studying success in sales, sales management, and sales leadership. He’s spent an even greater amount of time studying the behavioral characteristics of successful people, as well as productivity and time management.

He’s a national bestselling author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing and Eat Their Lunch; a contributing editor at SUCCESS Magazine; contributing columnist for Selling Power Magazine and Forbes Magazine. Anthony is an avid blogger, with over 4,000 posts-to-date on his site, The Sales Blog. The site receives 80,000 views every month and has over 100,000 subscribers.

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Feedback from Sales Leaders

The Goal of most Sales organizations is to simplify and create a repeatable, predictable, measurable sales model. Anthony has created this model, and I have implemented it as part of our sales motion mid Q2. The results have proven out with our Q3 results and current Q4 pipeline. We were able to exceed our Q3 Goal by 22% while building enough qualified Q4 pipeline to be on target for exceeding our 2nd Half goals by 30%.
Matthew J Kane | SVP, Tangoe
I love it and feel I finally found a sales (process) that makes sense and truly resonates with me. I’ve been a professional software sales person for almost 25 years and have been trained in almost every “technique” to be a sales powerhouse... most only left me feeling like what I had just learned was designed to trick or trap prospects into buying.
Marc Mandel | Global VP Client Solutions, Customerville
I could not recommend it more highly for sales professionals and leaders who want to focus on working "with" customers to achieve the outcomes that are important to their organization. For sales leaders, I especially appreciate Anthony's insights on how to coach your team on gaining the commitments that help clients navigate their buying journey.
Steve Bullington | Manager Sales & Services University, Genesys

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